Story Mapping Workshop with Steve Moubray and Tricia Mulcahy

Want to learn more about Story Mapping and how it can help you create better products and meet your deadlines?

In this hands-on, interactive, Story Mapping Workshop you will create a story map from scratch, align requirements into multiple releases and learn how to modify it when customer needs change. Come with an open mind and leave with new skills to help you in 2020 and beyond!

About the Speakers, Steve Moubray and Tricia Mulcahy who delivered Big Room Prioritization at AgileDC 2019!

Tricia Mulcahy, Relentless Change Agent, is leading Marriott through an amazing Agile Journey. Tricia works with other business leaders to uncover and articulate technology dreams and turn them into reality using strong servant leadership. Currently a leader with The Business Partnership & Planning Team for Mobile Products and Digital Guest Services, Tricia was originally the driving force to launching Agile Release Trains as an RTE.

Steve Moubray, Enterprise Agile Coach with CSS, forms teams and communities to help deliver change through an agile/lean mindset. Steve has over 20 years of experience in IT, a decade of experience in Agile, launched his own product marketing company and has helped public and government organizations achieve agility.

Story Mapping Workshop with Steve Moubray and Tricia Mulcahy
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