Steve Moubray, Yogita Dhond and David Kane at Coaching Camp 2019
I could only attend for one day but it was a wonderful time. I got to spend time with so many old friends and learned some new things. Also able to share a passion or two which was nice.  
Coaching is the best trait for managers
According to Google, after a decade of researching the traits that make the best managers, they have determined that being a good coach is #1. Technical skill is not one of the top 10. Below is the list of traits and you can find the original article here.   Is a good coach Empowers team...
Coaching Executive Teams to be Aligned
Coaches know aligning teams can be difficult but without vision, teams will go in different directions. The Center for Management and Organizational Effectiveness release this great article that all coaches can use. it talks about three different levels of alignment and executive coaches can help with each of these. Alignment with Executive Staff Alignment with...
Coaching leaders through conflict resolution
  As coaches, change agents and leaders, we often deal with conflict. Here’s another great TED article titled 6 tips for dealing with conflict. It covers some great aspects such as Active Listening, Centering, Being Aware and Acknowledging. It’s a quick read and I recommend it.
Goofy Steve Moubray and Co-Active Leadership Team
This was powerful and I meet some of the most amazing people on the planet. I learned so much about others and me. I highly recommend this to everyone. Remember, Unicorns should Sparkle!  



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Steve Moubray, Yogita Dhond and David Kane at Coaching Camp 2019
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Coaching is the best trait for managers