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Coaching Circle Event in Bethesda

After Steve Moubray created some logistics issues, the group met and had some lively and informative discussions. It was a fun way to kick-off a cold morning and start for the weekend. Just look at how serious everyone is. As you can tell, Steve Teske, Paul Cencula, Joe Truppo, Antonia Brathwaite, Peter Clamp, Deef Chuang and Tiffany Chan all had a great time!

Co-Coaching Circle, Steve Moubray, Joe Truppo, Deef Chaung, Steve Teske, Paul Cencula, Antonia Brathwaite

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  1. Peter Clamp

    I am a fan of Edwin H. Friedman, and am reading his last book “A Failure of Nerve: Leadership in the Age of the Quick Fix”. Here’s an extract from pp. 36-37, one of many passages which struck me very relevant to Agile coaching:

    Columbus’s voyage was a hinge of time. It swung open a door barely ajar, and for the next hundred years after 1492, no significant cathedral, unless previously planned, was begun. The effect of America’s discovery on the European imagination was as though God had been hiding a piece of land bigger than the known world since the dawn of creation. The great lesson of this turnaround is that when any relationship system is imaginatively gridlocked, it cannot get free simply through more thinking about the problem. Conceptually stuck systems cannot become unstuck simply by trying harder. For a fundamental reorientation to occur, a spirit of adventure that optimizes serendipity and enables new perceptions beyond the control of our thinking processes must happen first. This is equally true regarding families, institutions, whole nations, and entire civilizations.

    But for that type of change to occur, the system in turn must produce leaders who can both take the first step and maintain the stamina to follow through in the face of predictable resistance and sabotage. Any renaissance, anywhere, whether in a marriage or a business, depends primarily not only on new data and techniques, but on the capacity of leaders to separate themselves from the surrounding emotional climate so that they can break through the barriers that are keeping everyone from “going the other way”.

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