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Active Listening Coaching The 4-Level of Listening

Apologies for the disorganized sharing of various resources, approaches and angles to improve listening & communication skills.

Good list of qualities for long term goal:

Patience, patience, patience.  Better communication is about building trust, an ongoing process one step at a time. It’s also about helping the other person sort through and untangle their inner mess.

Iceberg models to show the many layers underneath the surface of surface language, behaviors, events:

Dave Gray’s “Liminal Thinking” model of the Pyramid of Belief

Listening model from Presencing Institute & Theory U by Otto Schammer:


Sam Kanner’s ‘The Groan Zone” model from his book Facilitator’s Guide to Participatory Decision-Making

Motivational Interviewing offers very good pragmatic approach & tools:

OARS – The 4 core skills of Motivational Interviewing:


Resist that ‘righting reflex’!


Anna Akana – 1 tip to become a better listener (Limiting the advice giving)

Listening is at least a two way dynamic communication process, there’s often a lot of noise (barriers) that many overlook:

NLP has a perspectives model which starts with including attention on 2nd position (other person, group, and environment), 3rd position (observer & meta) also provides a lot of useful information, and 4th position (collective & subjective We) is combing all 3 (1st + 2nd + 3rd position) helping Systems Thinking:

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