Coaching Topics

Useful information on the coaching topics covered during our coaching circles.

Powerful questions are tool for coaches to help coachees look deeper, evade cognitive bias and bring clarity. Powerful questions are used to provoke thought and often lead to action. Coaches shouldn’t have all the answers and when used correctly, powerful questions can lead a coachee to find the answers.   Powerful questions are also key...
Coaching emotional issues of jerks
  Sometimes we forget the obvious and Christine Porath reminds us of the impact being mean has on the world around us.
Coaching leaders through conflict resolution
  As coaches, change agents and leaders, we often deal with conflict. Here’s another great TED article titled 6 tips for dealing with conflict. It covers some great aspects such as Active Listening, Centering, Being Aware and Acknowledging. It’s a quick read and I recommend it.
Coaching Communications and Conversations with others
This great TED article follows a simple coaching practice for teams and while it focuses on having conversations with teens, the concepts apply to conversing with everyone. Think about a typical coaching engagement focused on team building. The steps are often as follows: Set the stage Ask powerful questions Respond (not react) Constructive disagreement Apologize...
Active Listening Coaching The 4-Level of Listening
Apologies for the disorganized sharing of various resources, approaches and angles to improve listening & communication skills. Good list of qualities for long term goal: Patience, patience, patience.  Better communication is about building trust, an ongoing process one step at a time. It’s also about helping the other person sort through and untangle their inner...
Coaching Circle Event in Bethesda
After Steve Moubray created some logistics issues, the group met and had some lively and informative discussions. It was a fun way to kick-off a cold morning and start for the weekend. Just look at how serious everyone is. As you can tell, Steve Teske, Paul Cencula, Joe Truppo, Antonia Brathwaite, Peter Clamp, Deef Chuang...
Goofy Steve Moubray and Co-Active Leadership Team
This was powerful and I meet some of the most amazing people on the planet. I learned so much about others and me. I highly recommend this to everyone. Remember, Unicorns should Sparkle!  
Simon Sinek is so brilliant and I can assure you this works! Change the narrative from one of fear to one of excitement and anything is possible.  
Coaching is knowledge, experience and learning
This is a really great article, “Coaching Isn’t Just Asking Questions” and all new coaches should read. Yes, we do need to ask powerful questions and listen but that doesn’t mean were nothing more than a sounding-wall. We have experience and often a person’s cognitive bias is blocking the obvious. Of course we can’t just...
Coaching Questions for Agreement
This is a quick little reminder I read about Coaching Agreements coming from Harvard Business Review. The title of the article is “If You Want to Get Better at Something, Ask Yourself These Two Questions” but it’s really about an executive coach making a coaching agreement with his 10-year old.   It’s a quick and...
Steve Moubray's photo from Co-Active Coaching Fundamentals
I met some of the most amazing people at my Co-Active Coaching course. This is a group of strong, thoughtful, intelligent, caring and hardworking people. I look forward to learning more from this team.   They’re the best!   (I didn’t have my tripod so the photos are not my best)
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