Coaching Events
Steve Moubray, Yogita Dhond and David Kane at Coaching Camp 2019
I could only attend for one day but it was a wonderful time. I got to spend time with so many old friends and learned some new things. Also able to share a passion or two which was nice.  
Coaching Circle Event in Bethesda
After Steve Moubray created some logistics issues, the group met and had some lively and informative discussions. It was a fun way to kick-off a cold morning and start for the weekend. Just look at how serious everyone is. As you can tell, Steve Teske, Paul Cencula, Joe Truppo, Antonia Brathwaite, Peter Clamp, Deef Chuang...
Goofy Steve Moubray and Co-Active Leadership Team
This was powerful and I meet some of the most amazing people on the planet. I learned so much about others and me. I highly recommend this to everyone. Remember, Unicorns should Sparkle!  
Steve Moubray's photo from Co-Active Coaching Fundamentals
I met some of the most amazing people at my Co-Active Coaching course. This is a group of strong, thoughtful, intelligent, caring and hardworking people. I look forward to learning more from this team.   They’re the best!   (I didn’t have my tripod so the photos are not my best)
AgileDC Bob Payne
As usual, AgileDC was an amazing show. Filled with Agile Coaches, Scrum Masters, Product Owners and tons of really amazing people. For a a conference of 650 people, it seems packed everywhere you go. While I was disappointed not to attend a lot of sessions, I did attend Linda Rising’s and she deserves rock star status....
SAFe Summit 2019, Steve Moubray presented Communities of Practice
Presenting the Lightning talk for “Communities of Practice, Masterful, Mundane or Missing” was a great fun. The room was full and lots of amazing questions after the session. I look forward to coaching many as we followup on forming high performing teams. Communities of Practice, Masterful, Mundane or Missing



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Steve Moubray, Yogita Dhond and David Kane at Coaching Camp 2019
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