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How to Respond to an Adult Temper Tantrum
This was a funny article to pop into my news feed today since we were discussing this exact topic over coffee this morning 🙂 How to Respond to an Adult Temper Tantrum.
Steve Moubray, Yogita Dhond and David Kane at Coaching Camp 2019
I could only attend for one day but it was a wonderful time. I got to spend time with so many old friends and learned some new things. Also able to share a passion or two which was nice.  
Without Emotional Intelligence, Mindfulness Doesn’t Work
Another fabulous article on Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness from HBR. As coaches, we need to remember that being mindful or coaching others to embrace mindfulness may not be enough. Emotional Intelligence is need as leaders and coaches. Check out the article as it’s pretty good 🙂
Coaching is the best trait for managers
According to Google, after a decade of researching the traits that make the best managers, they have determined that being a good coach is #1. Technical skill is not one of the top 10. Below is the list of traits and you can find the original article here.   Is a good coach Empowers team...
Mindfulness for Teams
Yesterday I spent some time with an amazing Yogi, Briani, who is so wise beyond her years. We spent time discussing Mindfulness and Meditation, the difference between them and how both can be powerful tools in our daily lives. Less than 24 hours later, I saw this article at Harvard Business Review and felt it...
System's Thinking at Co-Coaching Cricles
We explored insights from The Fifth Discipline written by Peter Senge about Systems Thinking. Here’s some visuals, along with my notes from our group session at Balducci’s. 3 visuals illustrating the 5 disciplines from the Fifth Discipline: 2 Visuals showing tools of Systems Thinking: 4 Visuals of Causal Loop diagram examples: 2 images from my...
Coaching Through The Void
Yesterday we started by discussing techniques to coach up to our leaders. Deef, in his infinite wisdom got us thinking about coaching into the void. Really, most resistance to change is fear of the unknown or void. As a group we embraced this knowledge and started discussing the void and aligning with our experiences. Today...
Coaching Executive Teams to be Aligned
Coaches know aligning teams can be difficult but without vision, teams will go in different directions. The Center for Management and Organizational Effectiveness release this great article that all coaches can use. it talks about three different levels of alignment and executive coaches can help with each of these. Alignment with Executive Staff Alignment with...
The Coaching Training Institute (CTI) states “Powerful questions are provocative queries that put a halt to evasion and confusion. By asking the powerful question, the coach invites the client to clarity, action, and discovery at a whole new level. As you can see from the following examples, these generally are open-ended questions that create greater...
Here’s an article written over a decade ago and can be found at a few university web sites. So far, it seems to with stand the test of time and is a good read for those who enjoy more than a few paragraphs on a topic. the-art-of-powerful-questions
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