Deef Chuang
System's Thinking at Co-Coaching Cricles
We explored insights from The Fifth Discipline written by Peter Senge about Systems Thinking. Here’s some visuals, along with my notes from our group session at Balducci’s. 3 visuals illustrating the 5 disciplines from the Fifth Discipline: 2 Visuals showing tools of Systems Thinking: 4 Visuals of Causal Loop diagram examples: 2 images from my...
Active Listening Coaching The 4-Level of Listening
Apologies for the disorganized sharing of various resources, approaches and angles to improve listening & communication skills. Good list of qualities for long term goal: Patience, patience, patience.  Better communication is about building trust, an ongoing process one step at a time. It’s also about helping the other person sort through and untangle their inner...



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